A better way to save and pay for healthcare

Wellharbor is the hub for all of your employees’ healthcare finances

Lower healthcare costs for your business and employees

When you combine the Wellharbor card and our modern “reverse” HSA with the Wellharbor healthcare spending dashboard, it makes spending and saving on care delightful.

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Wellharbor Card

Use your card for all things healthcare spending, route eligible purchases through an HSA, and centralize all healthcare spend instantly in the Wellharbor Dashboard.

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Tech-forward "reverse" HSA

Wellharbor has the only HSA that lets employees use their cards for pre-tax spending without a balance.

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Healthcare financial advice

Our team offers your employees 1:1 support on things like plan selection, HSA utilization, and saving for healthcare costs.

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Personal patient advocates on standby

Our licensed patient advocates help with all billing and claims related issues. They can call the hospital, negotiate discounts, and find and obtain financial aid for your employees.

Text-based everything

Wellharbor is text-first because people don’t like calling. Text photos of receipts for HSA compliance. Text to ask an advocate for help with anything healthcare related. Instant support in your pocket.

All-in-one dashboard

Employees can track all their healthcare spending in one place with the Wellharbor Dashboard. Control Wellharbor Card and HSA preferences, and more.

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Access detailed reporting and tax savings

Review detailed reporting on everything. Aggregate employee spending reports, ways your business can save, and how employees are using Wellharbor.

Save on payroll taxes when your employees save on healthcare using their Wellharbor HSA. It's a win-win.

Offer a meaningful benefit employees will love

“Customer service is awesome”

They are very organized and they use the best tech tools in the industry. Customer service is awesome. Dan always kept me up to date and responded to my queries promptly. [Wellharbor] saved me thousands of dollars and I am so grateful for it.

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Yogesh S.

“Everything was perfect”

Dan was very punctual and made sure I had all the tools I needed, he also had helped me with links and things that I didn't know how to use to help me get the files I had needed to get the job done, I would recommend them to anyone 100%.

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“My son's balance is zero!”

I just got a statement from [my hospital] that said my son’s balance is zero! I was so surprised. You’re amazing, and your skills accomplished an unbelievable outcome. Thanks so much!!

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Christine E.

"Took all the hassle out of dealing with paper bills"

[Wellharbor] took all of the hassle out of dealing with paper bills, except for opening the envelope. I would recommend [it] to anyone receiving snail mail medical bills.

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Join us in solving healthcare affordability

We believe our healthcare system needs to be refocused on the patients it exists to serve. Wellharbor allows employers to make a real impact on their employee population by making it much easier to pay and save for healthcare. 

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